Gospel Meeting Sermons

Here you will find an ever growing list of sermon resources presented by guest speakers at the Clay Church of Christ. Sermon outlines are not available for these lessons.

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Harold Comer Meeting (November 4-11, 2012)

Forget the past -- Focus on the Future
Major Changes
Messages of the Auditorium
God and Prayer
Finding Excitement of Evangelism
1st Levels of Invitations
Levels 4 and up
4 Challenges
Norm Webb Meeting (March 11-16, 2012)

Would You Be Missed?

Is It Worth The Price?

For Our Encouragement

The Fall of a Nation

Go Into The Highways and Hedges

Does Your Cross Hurt?

What Will Cause You To Change?
Ron Roberts Meeting (November 6-11, 2011)

Behold the Pattern

A Multitude of Murmurings

The Devastation of Discouragement

Who Led Naaman to the River? (Technical problem - no audio)

Why do they use Instruments in Worship?

The Need for Forgiveness

Dating or Courtship

A City Without Walls
Jason Cicero Meeting (March 1-6, 2009)

Of First Importance

The Cross Centered Day

Living in the Shadow of the Cross

Conformed to His Image

Jesus, Name Above All Names

What Being a Christian is All About

Experiencing Jesus

The Beginning and the End
Ron Roberts Meeting (November 2-7, 2008)

Be Not Deceived

Our Ship Is Sinking

Come On In, But Don't Touch Anything

Happily Ever After

Led By A Cloud

4 Rules For A Fair Fight

Negative Ions
Andrew Roberts Meeting (August 17-22, 2008)

Making the Case for the Real Jesus

Making the Case for the New Testament Church

Making the Case for Marriage

Making the Case for Jesus not Muhammad

Making the Case for God

Making the Case for A cappella Praise

Making the Case for Baptism
Bob Buchanon Meeting (March 2-7, 2008)

A Matter of Life and Death

When Worship Is Wrong

His Word Burns In My Heart

Corinth - Overcoming Cultural Influences

Characteristics of the Spiritual Man

Where God Has Placed Salvation

This World Is Not My Home

Confession of Sins
Gary Kerr Meeting (November 4-9, 2007)

Why Have You Sent for Me?

The Book of Life: Is My Name Written There?

Who Is This Jesus?

Epitaphs Written by God

Living for Christ

The Husband God Demands

Silent Sermons

Four Great Calls
Andrew Roberts Series on Islam (January 21-24, 2007)

How is the Lord's House?

Islam & Christianity: Definitive Differences

Exploring the Bible and the Qur'an

Hijacking a Religion

Examining Jesus and Muhammad

Who is Your Savior?
Danny McKibben Meeting (March 4-9, 2007)


Be Thou Faithful Unto Death

Bear The Yoke In His Youth

Music In Worship

Do Works Meet For Repentance

A New Commandment

A Woman Taken In Adultery

Deal or No Deal
Bob Buchanon Meeting (March 5-10, 2006)
We Are Saved To Serve
Church Growth & Simple Mathematics
The Thorn That Will Not Go Away
Why Were There Four Gospels?
Holy Transformation
Increasing Our Faith
Shall I Recover?